Located on the North Shore of Oahu, we specialize in Computer Repair, Computer
A.C.C.R Residential Computer Repair
No problem too big or too small!!
Aloha Computer Consulting and Repair is committed to providing quality service at affordable prices. We give you the personal attention you deserve. Unlike large computer stores, we work with your needs and listen to your concerns without breaking the bank. Make Aloha Computer Consulting and Repiar your choice for computer service. You can feel safe that you have chosen an affordable and reliable technology partner.

Our Prices:

We accommodate each of our clients individual needs for service and pricing. Our prices are flexible to provide the best service at the best price. Our basic prices are $75.00 for the first hour and $60.00 for each additional hour. We also provide a flat rate service* for systems that will require a fair amount of time with updates and downloads. Please call us at (808) 372-2667 for an accurate quote that will save you money and give you the best service Oahu has to offer. * To provide you with flat rate service please have all software and drivers for your computer readily available. If you do not have the software or drivers for your devices please inform our technician before scheduling an appointment.
Wireless Connectivity:
Setup wireless network
Secure wireless network
Wireless site survey
Wireless hotspot setup
Full System Re/Install:
Back up personal data
Format Hard Drive
Remove Viruses and Spyware
Install Operating System***
Install hardware drivers
Bring Windows up-to-date on Security patches and updates
Install all client software (if provided)****
Install Web Browser for Internet Safety
Customize XP to clients desire
Install Anti-Spyware
Data Transfer
Data Recovery Service:
Level 1 Non-Invasive Recovery: $100 per drive/device
Level 2 Invasive Recovery: $500 per drive (hard drives only) **client must purchase or agree to purchase anti-virus software as an added charge, installation included
***client is to have legal copy of the Operating System or agree to purchase a legal copy of the Operating System the technician will be installing, installation included
****technician will install any legal copy or purchased software the client provides or orders
Backup and Recovery:
Onsite Data Backup and Recovery Implementation
Offsite Data Storage, Requires Service Contract
Call us to setup Data Backup Service Contract (808)372-2667
System Maintenance and Cleaning:
Clean out all dust from inside of computer
Clean exterior of computer
Wipe/Spray keyboard and mouse
Clean monitor
Secure internal and external cables
We Build Computers Too!
Call and ask for a quote on your new system! (808) 372-2667
Full Wire and Wireless Network Setup:
Router installation and setup DHCP or Static Addressing
Setup firewall protection
Setup connection to work with your ISP
Security protection using WEP 64 or 128 bit encryption
If your wireless signal is low let us know we can help you get better signal in your home!
Web Site:
$75 Per Page. Service Contract available for discounted rate.
Site Design
Web Site optimization
Site Updates
Our prices include all of the following services:
Spyware, Adware, and Virus Removal
Spyware and Virus Protection**
Safe browsing tips
Data Recovery Service:
Level 1 Non-Invasive Recovery: $100 per drive/device
Level 2 Invasive Recovery: $500 per drive (hard drives only)

If you have any questions please call (808) 372-2667
Software Optimization:
Automation of Spyware, Adware, and Virus updates and scanning
System configuration for optimum performance
Configure automatic updates for latest operating system updates and service patches
Update device drivers
Review system logs for potential system errors
Hardware Diagnostics, Replacement and Upgrades:
Hard Drives (HDD's)
Video Cards
CD Rom's
DVD Players
DVD Burners
Heat Sinks
System Fans
CPU Fans
Power Supplies
Liquid Cooling
We offer multi-service discounts (on our Flat rate pricing)
10% off Military Discount
15% off Senior Discount
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ALL Sort of Networking Solutions
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